Large Selection Of Used Vehicles
Hornbeck Chevrolet offers a full lineup of new Chevy vehicles, but we also pride ourselves on our wide selection of certified pre-owned (CPO) Chevrolet models and used vehicles from several makes. There are several benefits to buying used; here are just a few, and stop by Hornbeck Chevrolet in Forest City, PA to browse our current inventory of used and CPO vehicles. 
Financial Savings
Because used models have had a previous owner and miles on the odometer, they are priced more affordably than new vehicles. There is not hit on depreciation when you drive a used model off the lot either, which makes them more appealing to drivers on a budget. When you buy used, you can typically put down a smaller down payment and will have a smaller monthly payment, if you don't buy it outright in cash on the lot, which is also an option. Used vehicles are also typically cheaper to insure, meaning a reduction in your monthly insurance premium if you currently drive a newer model.
Certified Pre-Owned
CPO vehicles are like the best of both world. Because they are used vehicles, they come at a reduced price (though not as reduced as a non-certified used model), but because they have undergone strict inspections and have a limited number of miles on them, they have more assurances that resemble a new car. CPO vehicles also come with limited warranties and new car perks for maintenance and entertainment trials.
Vehicle History Reports & Online Research
If you are unsure about buying used, you can calm your doubts by reviewing a model's vehicle history report to know the vehicle's full history, including service and accidents. You can also read a wealth of online reviews about the model you are considering to see what the experts had to say about the model when it came out and now that it's been out on the market for a while. You can always take it to a trust mechanic for review as well.
Even More Choices
When you buy used, you can shop among various makes and model years for the vehicle that best meets your needs. You might even be able to afford a luxury car you otherwise could not purchase.

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